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The Weymouth 'LUNAR' Society



Weymouth LUNAR Society is a broad based local group of recreational and professional divers, amateur archaeologists and historians, and other like-minded people who meet informally every month in a convivial location:- 


To discuss their individual and joint “Land and Underwater Nautical Archaeological Research” projects.


To freely exchange ideas and pool expertise in order to expand the body of knowledge about the nautical and maritime historic environment of Weymouth.


To consider ways this knowledge can be made available to the people of Weymouth and District and ultimately to the wider public.


To establish appropriate relationships/liaisons with the Weymouth, Portland and Dorset County Museums,  Dorset Coastal Forum, Nautical Archaeology Society, English Heritage, The Receiver of Wreck and other germane bodies to facilitate the first three objectives.

Weymouth 'LUNAR' Society meets locally in Weymouth, Dorset on the first Wednesday of each month at 8.30pm for a drink where ideas, project updates and stories are exchanged.  No minutes are taken of these meetings.

Anyone interested in joining the Society or contributing to the Societies forum;  ‘LUNAR Web Jottings’ should contact any of the current members or the Honorary Secretary.

Chairman: David Carter
Treasurer: Ron Howse
Hon. Secretary: Selwyn Williams
Web Editor: Ed Cumming

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Updated: April 2014